January 2014

At Pizza Hut


Waiting in the parking lot

The Pizza Hut itself

The pizza itself

Went to Hot Topic at Teague's request

Teague, pleased with himself

Foschi with fedora

Wall of hats

The boob hat. Or perhaps it is the wearer that is the boob?

Feburary 2014

At Denny's for unlimited pancakes


Gabe and me

The pancakes


May 2014

Final day of high school

Advisery dressed in costumes

O'Donovan in the midst

Julian's latex fireman costume

Jason and Adam

Last classes: Math, German, Physics

Math class piñata party

Wilhelm and beloved German teacher Stabs

Physics teacher's unphotogenic fears suddenly realized

The sworn enemy

Yearbook signing and escape party

Owen and Megan

Gathering at the gym

JP and Owen

Bidding goodbye to Doughy Joey

Beginning the deadbeat summer

Me and Charlie

Miller and me

Ben and me

Last Advisery meal at Mongolian Grill

August 2014

LAN party

Treasure Island front

TI aisle


Emry at LAN

Burger King at summer's end


BK inside


Gabe and Pappas

Bidding Pappas farewell

Alex and Foschi

Gabe and Alex

Outside Pappas' house

Helping Pappas pack his car


Thorntons Delights

Textor and Gabe get ice cream

Alex outside

Gabe and me

Thorntons FizzFreez

Ice cream toppings

Hanging out at the Redbox

Textor and Foschi

Emry guitar



Emry's attic

Textor eating pizza

Goodbye Charlie

Foschi grillmaster

Ice Groudon

September 2014

Road Trip 2014: Visiting Textor, Foschi, Alex at U of Iowa

On the highway


Antique store

Foschi's dorm

Around Iowa

100oz. "Massive Mug"

At a Target

Target gnomes

Lounging around

Textor in dorm

At sandwich shop "Which Wich"

Bidding goodbye

Fall 2014

Final week before college

Denny's "All-Nighter" in Cleveland

Danny's fedora returns

Josue's Red Lobster Ultimate Feast

Emry at Thorntons


Seattle highway

View from dorm balcony

Skype link to Chicago

Orientation week

Out to lunch with Frisk and Fran

Fran and Frisk

At the restaurant


The food itself


Worker with BK Crown


Attended AkiCon

December 2014

Return to Chicagoland

Thorntons' new iPad

Thorntons hero

Most basic pudding

Jello in progress

Emry's Amiibo: "DUMPER"

Gabe Taco Bell

Foschi, Emry, at Fuddruckers

Gabe at Fuddruckers

American Science and Surplus

Goodwill gingerbread house

James post-Chicken Shack

Enjoying Chicken Shack

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