SmileBASIC (also known in Japan as Petit Computer 3) is an application for Nintendo 3DS that allows users to write and execute programs written in SmileBASIC, a dialect of BASIC.

There are three ways to share programs:

  1. Upload to SmileBASIC servers, download using a SmileBASIC key
  2. Copy source to PC using Rei's PetitModem software (PC mirror, SmileBASIC key NKX3KE13)
  3. Type in by hand :-)



A LISP-1 interpreter for SmileBASIC. I hope to eventually build a LISP development environment on top of this. Future features: Improved garbage collection, tail-call optimization, and an interface with native SmileBASIC commands from within LISP.

Sample LISP code with some simple functions: XKA84J4F

Version History