January 2015

Final week of winter break

Textor and James at McDonalds

Goodbye Dennys

Foschi game face

March 2015

Around UW campus

Physics lecture hall


Residence hall

Physics artwork

Around Seattle

Morning coffee

Bryten and Alec

Exploring a bridge

Alec and Joe

Walking back

Rock in the parking lot

Edge of the plaza

Good Luck

Emerald City Comic Con 2015

On the way to WSCC

Eating udon noodles at Uwajimaya

Fran playing Dig Dug arcade terribly

The udon itself

Guy dressed as kid from UP

Reaper costume

The food court

WSCC fountain

ECCC Day 2

Fran for ECCC day 2

Tauntaun costume

Big Guy Bane and Ryan

Hugging tauntaun

June 2015

End of Freshman Year

Red Bull car

Bryten and Alec

Found a golf cart


Return to Chicago

Taco Burrito King

Danny, Josue and I visit Chinatown

Foschi enjoys fried chicken

Return to Thorntons

July 2015

Independence Day Fireworks

In downtown Evanston

Textor outside Taco Bell

At the beach for fireworks

Post-fireworks pastry shopping

Gabe and I at Dennys

Foschi, Textor and Gabe at Burger King

Gabe and Pappas at the beach

Forrest and me

Owen eats a Pop-Tart

Walking downtown

Emry's cat

Forrest on the road

September 2015

Around the University of Illinois

Cemetery on Pennsylvania

State Farm Stadium


Plants Only

U of I Research Park

Research Park building

Statue 1

Statue 2


Heading south

ATM station

Champaign Thorntons

Inside Champaign Thorntons


Heading west

Found WHMS




Construction zone

Trash Only

Concrete Philly

Fish statue in West Champaign

Bridge graffiti


Road Trip 2015: Visiting Owen, Alex at U of Minnesota

Starting out in Illinois

Emry at Wisconsin Culver's


Saw Beach House at First Avenue Minneapolis

Al's Breakfast at Dinkytown


Al's counter

Emry with his sausages


Around Minneapolis

Owen at Crosswalk

Over a bridge

Gopher tikis at a frathouse



Visited Mall of America

Mall LEGO statues

More gopher tiki

Owen in room

IBM Blue Gene at UMN

Shaq Sodas

Heading back to Chicago

Breakfast II

Met up with Iowa crew in Bloomington, MN

More Wisconsin Culver's

Back; Final Subs

October 2015

Return to Seattle

New roommates Christian and Langely

Dry erase bird

Alec's studio space

Around the studio

Around Fremont


Google office

At a park

Bike path west


Walking northwest


Dinosaur bushes

Power line

Theo Chocolate factory

Mischief Distillery

For Sale


Hale's Palladium

Which Wich on the Ave


November 2015

Visiting Sean

Inflatable fish


Sean and Alec

Waiting for the 44

Veteran's Day Eve

Tommy and Langely

Spencer and me

Getting gyros

Apple Cup aftermath


UW Tent

More tents

Party from afar

December 2015

Around Gould Hall

Grasshopper decoration

Alec's final project

Stump shelf

Chris attempts to climb back in

Concert at The Castle before leaving Seattle

Daniel on stage

Castle art


Castle print

Return to Chicago

At the mall

Pappas at the Brookstone

Emoji pillows

Ridge Ave.

Visiting Rotofugi

New Year's Eve 2015

Charlie and I reunited at Taco Bell