Andrew D’Angelo: I’m a systems programmer working in high performance computing. My personal projects involve compilers, debuggers, and embedded C++17.

PGP Data

Fingerprint: 61CA 64F8 7D8A 9211 0021 24D5 3F58 0230 7F0B AC98

Public key: hosted at Keybase

Selected Projects

Term48-dev - GitHub repository
Fork of mordak's excellent BlackBerry 10 terminal emulator Term48. Fork goals include decoupling from the Momentics IDE, extending customization mechanisms, and eventual Hub integration.
Canabalt Advance - GitHub repository
Recreation of Adam Atomic's hit flash game for the Game Boy Advance. Graphics from the open-source iOS port of the game. Restarted on J. Vijn's tonc.
scheme→gba - GitHub repository
Scheme compiler targeting ARM assembly and Game Boy Advance. Follows Abdulaziz Ghuloum's An Incremental Approach to Compiler Construction.
Neural.NET - GitHub repository
Machine learning Portable Class Library in F#. Implements SGD and related algorithms, uses Math.NET for linear algebra functions.
gbcdump - GitHub repository
Input a Game Boy Camera SRAM dump and output bitmaps. Requires libbmp.