Andrew D’Angelo: student and programmer. Much of my time is spent on various computers including but not limited to ThinkPad and Surface Pro.

Programmer in C (GBA & PC), C# (WP8 & Metro) and Python. I can be found on irc.rizon.net under the nick excel.

PGP Data

71D1 5FED revoked on 7-11-2013

D0F7 24E7 revoked on 3-6-2014

Fingerprint: E3D2 A986 AA5E 5AEC 39F0 CACA E85E EF42 A9F3 18DF

Public key: pubkey.txt




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I finished and published this app during Microsoft’s //publish/ 2014 event in Chicago, where I won 3rd place in the overall local app competition.

Don’t just chat with Omegle users, meddle with them! Omeddle is not only a fully-featured Omegle client (Classic chat, ask and answer questions), but also puts a fun twist on the classic Omegle formula: not only can you chat, you can also control! Sit between two unsuspecting Omegle users and control the conversation by masquerading as the Stranger and modify messages with simple find and replace or regular expressions.

Also features image sharing and management (upload pictures to share during a chat, as well as view and delete any image from Imgur that was uploaded during previous chats) and easy chatlog sharing with PasteBin!

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Thorntons++ is my first Windows Phone app, an unofficial OpenStore client that allows you to get the latest Thorntons coupons and deals on Windows Phone 8 and to save your FREEquency Rewards card. While the official Android and iOS apps collect personal data such as location, phone number, and phone model, Thorntons++ generates this information randomly. Coupons are not erased after use and can be used offline.

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Omegle client in C# targeting the Microsoft Portable Class Library (WP8, Metro, and .NET 4.5). Adapted from cryzed’s Python Omegle API. Release candidate version is in use in my new app Omeddle.

I will be updating the source code to release version when I publish Omeddle verison 2.0 as a Universal app.

github repository

Canabalt Advance

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A recreation of Adam Atomic’s hit flash game for the Game Boy Advance. Graphics resources are taken from the open-source iOS port of the game. Uses Krawall Sound System. KSS went open-source in 2013, many thanks to Seb! Music to be composed by Emry Day.

github repository


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Input Game Boy camera battery saves and output bitmaps. Requires libbmp

github repository