Andrew D’Angelo: student and programmer. Much of my time is spent with various computers (including but not limited to: ThinkPad and Surface Pro).

Programmer in C (GBA & PC), C# (WP8 & Metro) and Python. I can be found on irc.rizon.net under the nick excel.

PGP Data

71D1 5FED revoked on 7-11-13

Fingerprint: 854B 8D24 4E9F F5B2 3178 AB13 BD2A 8E7F D0F7 24E7

Public key: pubkey.txt



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Omegle client in C# targeting the Microsoft Portable Class Library (WP8, Metro, and .NET 4.5). Adapted from cryzed’s Python Omegle API. Currently in development alongside my upcoming WP8 app OmegleITM.

github repository


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Thorntons++ is my first Windows Phone app, an unofficial OpenStore client that allows you to get the latest Thorntons coupons and deals on Windows Phone 8 and to save your FREEquency Rewards card. While the official Android and iOS apps collect personal data such as location, phone number, and phone model, Thorntons++ generates this information randomly. Coupons are not erased after use and can be used offline.

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Canabalt Advance

Canabalt ADV Icon

A recreation of Adam Atomic’s hit flash game for the Game Boy Advance. Graphics resources are taken from the open-source iOS port of the game. Uses Krawall Sound System. KSS went open-source in 2013, many thanks to Seb! Music to be composed by Emry Day.

github repository


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Input Game Boy camera battery saves and output bitmaps. Requires libbmp

github repository