Andrew D’Angelo: I’m a junior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign studying computer science. My current projects involve machine learning and recurrent neural networks. Programmer in C (GBA & PC), C#, F#, Python, and LISP.

My résumé can be found here.

PGP Data

Fingerprint: 9763 0523 B54B 17E4 0ECE 42C6 F2D9 8C89 394E 5B3A

Public key: pubkey.txt

Selected Projects

Neural.NET - GitHub repository
Machine learning Portable Class Library in F#. Currently in development alongside my foray into machine learning. Uses Math.NET for linear algebra functions.
Canabalt Advance - GitHub repository
A recreation of Adam Atomic's hit flash game for the Game Boy Advance. Graphics resources are taken from the open-source iOS port of the game. Uses Krawall Sound System. KSS went open-source in 2013, many thanks to Seb!
gbcdump - GitHub repository
Input a Game Boy Camera SRAM dump and output bitmaps. Requires libbmp.


I have hidden both of these apps from the Windows Phone Store, as they no longer work with the websites they were designed to access and I currently don’t have enough time to dedicate towards fixing them. Both can still be viewed on the Store by clicking the respective links.

Omeddle - Windows Phone Store
I finished this app during Microsoft's 2014 //publish/ event in Chicago, where I won 3rd place in the overall local app competition. At its peak it had around 2,000 downloads per month, and hovered around 500 downloads a month totalling around 8,000 downloads. Source code in this GitHub repository.
Omeddle was not only a fully-featured Omegle client, but also also allowed you to MITM two unsuspecting Omegle users, control the conversation by masquerading as the Stranger, and modify messages with simple find and replace or regular expressions. Also featured integrated image sharing and management with Imgur and chatlog sharing with Pastebin.
Thorntons++ - Windows Phone Store
Thorntons++ was my first Windows Phone app, an unofficial OpenStore client that allows you to get the latest Thorntons coupons and deals on Windows Phone 8 and to save your FREEquency Rewards card. While the official Android and iOS apps collect personal data such as location, phone number, and phone model, Thorntons++ generates this information randomly. Coupons are not erased after use and can be used offline.