Feburary 2013

McDonalds breakfast after an all-nigher

Foschi in McDonalds

Gabe in McDonalds

Me outside

Foschi outside

March 2013

Trip to New York City

Base of the Freedom Tower

The Freedom Tower

WTC Tower waterfall

The surviving tree

The unblinking eye of security

Buildings reflecting in a building

Screen-door effect in apartment windows

Skyline with crane

At the Museum of Natural History

Chicken mirror at the Food exhibit

Raptor skeleton

A child playing on the Times Capsule

Fire escape on the outside

June 2013

2 month trip to Germany. First destination: Trier with school group

Last Taco Bell for a while

Charlie messes around with the camera

Charlie and Owen


Meeting our homestay families at Auguste-Viktoria-Gymnasium

Teresa and Philipp


Charlie on the bus

AVG stairway

Fun around Trier

Charlie with USD

Different Fantas

Me and Charlie

Miller bought a fake boob

We went to an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant. Between the four of us we had 86 plates


Before the restaurant

Me, Charlie, Teresa, Katrin

Owen with Fanta Exotic flavor

Leaving Trier for Berlin, tears were shed

Tim and Miller

Teresa and Tram

Charlie, Teresa, Philipp

Miller, Sofia, and the fake boob

Around Berlin

Holocaust Memorial

Miller at the Brandenburger Tor

A food cart

Charlie befriends a statue

Visiting the Reichstag

The Reichstag

Light Funnel

Miller with a bear statue

Reichstag dome

At the East Side Gallery

July 2013

My class went back to Chicago, I stayed behind and went to Köln

At the train station

Etienne's 18th birthday

Back in Chicago

Detour in Rockaway Beach, NY

Foschi is dressed up for Olive Garden redux

Gabe and Textor

Gabe acting stupidly as usual

October 2013

Danny finds a fedora

Me and Foschi at McDonald's

Thornton's soft serve

Danny and me

Textor creates art from Soda Shaq brand cream soda


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