Fun at Treasure Island: an extremely lax supermarket

Rows of sodas

Puddings atop generic Jell-O

Textor, Gabe, me


More Treasure Island adventures


Fruits & vegetables

Textor outside

Who wouldn't want to see Rachel Ray and Guy Fierri fight to the death with baguettes?

Around the youth center

Alex plays pool with Textor

Max the dog provides contrast

Ping-pong: Ricky vs Kat

Michael contemplates the frosting

Unhealthy things

Instant soups and such


Instant Udon noodles

Raw cakemix is considered a delicacy

Making brownies at the WH. Gabe, having took Creative Cusine, was the best suited for making foods

Ingredients: Cakemix, frosting

Gabe breakin' eggs

Mixin' it up

Consume more frosting

Made some bacon-fried ramen

Sam cooks the bacon

Textor fries the ramen in bacon grease

Finished product

Edible? Barely

Chicken Wing Kid aka C-Dubs

We actually watched Breakin' 2

Gabe and his Fanta

Gabe and C-Dubs

Will-Bo and Maxy

Michael looking chill with multiple shades

Me and Will-Bo

More fish


LSDJ and also Diet Coke

Cinna-Stick feast at Alex's house

Textor enjoys the iMac

My homemade ramen cup

Ramen cup and Wavebird controller

Michael sits on a chair

The G4

Diet Coke


Michael eats frosting

Mirrored Wavebird


A house scheduled for demolition

A house not scheduled for demolition

Road tilt

Assorted effects: 2012

Fun with "MAGIC > MONTAGE"

Josh is a Diet Coke

Owen/Michael hybrid

Book of Derek

Projector displays Josh

Advisery panorama (MAGIC > PANORAMA)

Wal-Mart panorama

Jewel-Osco panorama

Down in Evanston: the CVS

Expensive Sunkist

Beggin' Strips

15 Pizza rolls: what

Gabe tries out the Shakeweight

Went to Andy's Custard and Gamestop

Me and my ice cream

Gabe and his ice cream

GameStop ends the GameCube on 4/2/12

Gabe, Textor, me

Got a gallon of chocolate milk

The Milk

Textor shaking the milk

Schuyler drinking

A Fancy Car

WIRES at Evanston Art Gallery

Thermal printers printing tweets

Title: apple/apple (beta)

A lunchbox-Thermos machine

A pile of vibrating cellphones

Biking down Green Bay Trail


Sculpture called Breakwater

A café

Hydration: Diet Coke

Raj and Schuyler

Max and Textor

Vending machines

Just Max

Justin from a distance

Justin, but closer

A car being towed

A vacant lot

March 23, 2012

Preparing for a party with a trip to Wal-Mart. We returned with about $75 of junk

Textor, Gabe, Alex, me

Gabe and his favorite drink

Ice cream purchases

The combo

Alex coasts on a cart

Cart coasting GIF'd

Alex finds fries

Gabe and Magnum Whites

Lemonade obtained

Dropped ramen cups

Solution: kick them under the shelf

Textor pays the price

Alex and his squealing pig toy

Shelves of Hawaiian Punch

Gabe at the checkout

Enjoying a Diet Coke after unloading food

April 2012

The day of the party more shopping is completed

Will-Bo with a fish fillet balloon

We buy pork chops

The cart, pizza rolls and chops

Sam, Schuyler, Textor

Alex purchases Pepsi

Later, on a playground


Foschi on the bars

On a climbing structure

Running around

Foschi hits a bar with a stick

A bird

May 4, 2012

Geometry around New Trier





We had a half-day, so Gabe, Michael, Textor, Foschi, and I went to Evanston

Foschi and I split a Grande Meal: 10 soft tacos

Textor joyfully consumes his burrito

Gabe photographs Textor

Michael sips Foschi's Baja Blast

July 2012

My trip to Köln, Germany


Etienne eating ice cream

Bikes at the train stop

The Rhein

A German house

Many houses

Highway sign

I was also in Belgium

My ususal breakfast

Crazy microwave

Kölner streets

I was also in Paris

November 2012

Downtown Evanston

Andy's Custard machines

Foschi, me, Gabe

Textor with Nerf gun


We waited in line at Best Buy after Thanksgiving for cheap(er) stuff

Textor attacks GIF'd

Michael and Alex

Gabe and I

My supply of strawberry Fanta

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