[filmstrips] Early days. Scanned Game Boy Printer output

The youth center was uninhabitable due to concert night, so Mike, Will-Bo, and I went to Old Orchard.

The carp in the carp pond there were huge.

We got some cheap Chinese food afterwards.

2010 - 2011

My chem teacher forgot about a review session, and to make up for it he brought the class breakfast.

Brownies and grapes

Hawaiian Punch, red and orange

Turns out Gridley loves the Game Boy Camera

Nissan Juke

Honda Insight

Honda CR-V

Toyota Prius

Emry, Lucas, me

Will-Bo, Michael

Owen, me

me, Textor, Jamie

A speeding train

The road

Train lines

Road contrast

Textor shows off his meme pillow

A car known only as the "LOLZFerrari"

A fancily striped car

Life on the North Shore

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